Friday, February 18, 2005

Dyslexic's have more ufn!

So, the week is over. Thank goodness!! I found out today that I'll be working on my campaign for approximately one week and then thrown back into training after that. Gotta love call centres! In case you can't tell, that was sarcasm.

If anyone cares, I've made over $300 for the Big Brothers Big Sisters Charity bowling for tomorrow. I never knew it was so fun to get sponsors. It's more fun to be competitive adults than just lazy kids.


From a passenger ship, everyone can see a thin bearded man on a small island, shouting and desperately waving his hands.

"Who is it on that island?" a passenger asks the captain.
"I have no idea..... but every year when we pass, he goes nuts."

I just wanted to make a shout-out to my friend Louise who threatened me with death if I didn't mention how wonderfully perfect she is on my blog. So, if I happen to suddenly disappear, Louise might have succeeded in the threat. Just kidding Louise. Or am I?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can I get a shout-out too?


2:16 PM


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