Saturday, February 05, 2005

Keep the Earth clean. It isn't Uranus!!

Well, I've got a pretty short blog today. I haven't really done anything yet. I got up, showered, and have been watching TV ever since.

I am going out now for some fun filled bowling. I'll let you know how much I end up sucking.


Max: Do you have crepes Suzette?

Waiter: No, and my name is Marvin.

So, I've just heard that I'm a brat. Is this true? I always thought I was fun or maybe an attention seeker, but never a brat. Thanks a lot Noella!!! Just kidding. I don't even know you. But I like your name!!

Well, wish me luck bowling. I'll try to beat my high score of 110!!!! Yee-haw!


Blogger LamaPennyLane said...

A brat eh.. hmm.. from what I can recall you aren't a brat. But if you were to be, I would laugh.

p.s. When are we going for lunch ? Sometime before I start my new job ?

1:07 PM


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