Saturday, January 08, 2005

Don't take life too seriously, you won't get out alive.

Today I finally got to sleep in on a Saturday. Thank you Mom and Dad for leaving the house!!!!! I woke up at 9:53. That is late. I did a bit of work on the compy and then watched The Nightmare Before Christmas. Good stuff.

We also went to the Aviary today in The Falls. That was wicked. So much better than the Butterfly Conservatory. I would highly suggest it to anyone that hasn't been. Which isn't many of you because hardly anyone reads my blog.

Brie, Natalie and myself also saw Lemony Snicket's: A Series Of Unfortunate Events. That was good. Jim Carrey is the master of playing fourty million characters. Very funny guy.

Guess what it's time for...


Maria: I won't tell your boyfriend, but I saw you kiss that hunk at the dance.

Marlena: And I won't tell your boyfriend, but I saw you kiss him, too.

Maria: Well, my boyfriend kisses better.

Marlena: I agree.

Okay, what's lamer about this joke? The joke itself or the fact that they actually say "hunk"? Leave a comment on that if you want. Goodnight!

Friday, January 07, 2005

Artificial Intelligence usually beats real stupidity.

Okay. I have just decided something. Now! Just now. Like now. Do you know what it is? Working for ten hours straight SUCKS!!!!!

Well, there isn't much to talk about that happened today. Work was good, I guess. Better than... eating dirt. But, Nat, I gotta say. You do make me look forward to going to work.


T.J.: I don't believe anything that comes out of Old Man Larson's mouth.

R.J.: Why not?

T.J.: Because he wears false teeth.

So, something was brought to my attention quite clearly over the past three days. Since it's the end of the week, I'll share it with you. I have been told probably a total of 26 times in three days (and one of them I wasn't even working) that I am the most sarcastic person that they have met. Is this true? Please leave a comment and let me know your feelings. Keep it clean everyone. Most of you I'm related to.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

What's a free gift? Aren't all gifts free?

Okay, second post of they day.

Let's see... What did I do today? Well, Brie and I had lunch, I put 407 songs on my Dell DJ. Then we watched "The Whole Ten Yards" twice. Good movie.

Tomorrow it's back to work again from 9:30-7:30. Luckily, I worked out a trade so starting on Monday I'll be doing 8:30-4:30. So Graham and Lisa, I can still come to FHE.


Waiter, waiter!!

Max: Waiter, I want a chicken smothered in gravy.

Waiter: If you want it killed in such a cruel manner, you'll have to do it yourself.

Well, I shall talk to you all again tomorrow. Chao!!

Shin: A device for finding furniture in the dark.

Hi. I'm blogging now for last night and later tonight for today. I apologize for missing you yesterday but I was really dizzy from work and needed to go to bed ASAP.

I got my Dell DJ yesterday. It's wicked. I'm very excited to use it all the time.


What did the judge say when the skunk took the witness stand?

"Odor in the court."

Hahahahahaha. I'd like to present this joke with the crown titled ALL TIME LAMEST JOKE. I'll be back this evening.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

100,000 sperm and you were the fastest?


Well, I hope that you will all enjoy this phone call from today. As usual, it's very short but very funny if you know what the word dental means.

Caller: I want to know if glasses are covered under my dental plan.

Now really. Do your teeth have a little trouble seeing? It's a shame.


Herb: Darling, if I lost all my money, would you still love me?

Blanche: Of course, dear, and I'd miss you as well.

I hope everyone had a great day today. I think I'm going to have a bit of trouble adjusting to a ten hour work day. But it should be over soon. Well, that's it for now.

Monday, January 03, 2005

A day without sunshine is like, night.

Hello all! Last day of holidays. As much as I like having time off work, it will be nice to go back and have some structure in my life again. Today Jeff and Evy left and I got up at 7:30. I didn't even go back to bed. No wonder why I'm so tired right now.

I wanted to let everyone know that I finished my application for College today. So hopefully I get in. Everyone root for me.


Moe: I read that twenty-nine lawyers, forty politicians, and the captain all died when the ship went down.

Joe: Poor guy.

Tomorrow I start my ten hour days at work so hopefully I will get at least one good funny call to regale you with. A demain.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Boycott shampoo! Demand the REAL poo!

Good day to you all. It was another eventful day at our house. I think there was 15 people there. Crazy, and hot!

I have one more day off of work and then I go back with a 10hr shift. Boo-urns!! 9:30-7:30 is not going to be fun. But enough about me. Everyone, I want you all to leave a post saying the best thing that happened to you over the Christmas break. I mean it. I'm expecting to see tons of posts. It's easy. And if you don't have a blog yourself you'll have to post anonymously. So, make sure you leave your name.


Minister: Maurice, I must say you were rude for talking all the way through my service this morning.

Maurice: I'm sorry, but sometimes I talk in my sleep.