Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I'm not antisocial, I just hate being with people.

So, let's see. Today was an okay day. I got in trouble only once at work for playing cards with a friend. But it was worth every second. I guess the best thing that happened, and it didn't even happen to me, is that Bee got early acceptance into Laurier. Congrats Brie.

Sadly enough, the only person that asked me for my birthday list is Nat from work. And no offence Nat, but I'm not letting you get me a gift. So come on people. I'll be 20. This is a big step for me. Gotta have something to look forward to.


Teacher: Little Joey, correct this sentence: "It was me who broke the window."

Little Joey: It was Little Jimmy who broke the window.

Once again, I bit you adieu!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I'm not hyperactive. The world is just superslow.

Hello again today.

It was boring today at work. No one was there so I was forced to sit with Jeanna. Just kidding. I love ya Jeanna. The day went by surprisingly fast.


My friend Isabelle took this call. Someone called us, an insurance company, and asked where their GST cheque was. What was seemingly a short call to simply have them call the government turned out for Isabelle to be a learning session on how to use a phone book. She actually had to tell the person where to look in the phone book to find a Government of Canada phone number. WOW! Some people. I guess it doesn't help if you're born in 1921.


Max: Doc, you've got to help me! Every night I dream that I'm a sports car. The other night I dreamed I was a Trans Am. Another night I dreamed I was an Alfa Romeo. Last night I dreamed I was a Porshe. What does this mean?

Therapist: Relax. You're just having an auto-body experience.

Man I'm cold. Time to go snuggle up in bed with a good book.

My job is so secret, even I don't know what it is.

Sorry! I forgot to post last night. I'm any name you think of calling me.

Let's see... Yesterday I worked. I also got sent home early. Like halfway through my shift because we weren't busy at all. I then went to Graham and Lisa's. We had fun. Came home, did the updates for the day with Bee and then went to bed. Wasn't a very exciting day. Maybe today will be.


The same day that a recently retired surgeon moved into his new house, a pipe burst in the basement. Frantic, he called a local plumber. After working for ten minutes, the plumber fixed the problem. He put away his tools and handed the doctor a bill for $500. The surgeon started to rant and rave. "This is ridiculous!" he said. "I don't even make that much money as a surgeon!"

The plumber grinned and said, "Neither did I."

I'll post later tonight for today's actual post. Have a good one!

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Wrinkled is not one of the things I want to be when I grow up.

So, I hate to admit it, but Sundays are pretty boring if you don't go to church. I didn't think it was possible for something to be more boring than church, but sitting home all day watching TV is boring.

It was good though that Graham and Lisa came over. We watched Chicken Run and Played Sorry. Thanks for the fun!

No joke today. It was crap. I couldn't bring myself to type it.

One last point to make. There are 19 days left until my 20th birthday. I have a list of possible gifts. Let me know if you want it. Good day!